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FitbaThatba are the producers of I Want To Work In A Shop, a Brexit and South Park inspired cartoon by JJ Bull and James McNicholas. We hope you like it! First episode published November 13th on our YouTube channel.


FitbaThatba WAS 2 people who occasionally watchED football on television and have seen some more games in stadiums writing about football stories they have borrowed from other people's websites.  They also make stupid videos about footballers and put them on YouTube and they are both very nice.

MirrorFootball said: "FitbaThatba are rulers of football funny on the inter web"

Fitba = Football, and also means "What ball?" in North East Scottish-ness.
That ba = "That ball" in North East Scottish-ness.

And now you know.

Our videos have been featured on:

Channel 4 news, The Sun, The Toronto Star, Daily Mirror, Yahoo!, The Metro, national Brazilian, South Korean, Chinese and Portuguese online newspapers, and honestly about 1000 other websites.

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