Monday, 18 June 2018

Robbie Williams sings at World Cup, we are all stuck in the 90s

Because there can be no happiness without suffering, the World Cup opening ceremony hired Robbie Williams' to perform his greatest hits live in a ceremony described by those who saw it as 'absolutely fine'.

Robbie went through all his football related hits, like funeral-favourite 'Angels' and song you only remember from being in the back of the car going to Debenhams on your already ruined weekend, 'that one that has a piano and goes 'REEEEEALL LOVE'.

To make it even better, some hot woman sang opera nonsense over the top, occasionally using words, mostly sounding like a sexy ghost. In terms of FIFA organised ceremonies it was entirely medium, which is presumably what they were going for when they hired sort-of star of the 90s, Mr Williams.

Robbie seems like an alright lad, even if he did come out dressed like an Eastern European magician or, as this fine man observed: