Monday, 18 June 2018

Rafael Van Der Vaart has a story about Cristiano Ronaldo

Rafael Van Der Vaart, that guy who was good for a little while on Pro Evo, has told a story about how Cristiano Ronaldo pulled off an 80s movie iconic moment during a game they played.

Van Der Vaart said:
One day after training, Cristiano took 20 balls and started practicing free kicks but none went in. I took one and it went in and I told him ‘this is the way you should do it.’ Come game day, we won a free kick and Cristiano banged it top corner and told me,"this is the way I do it."
I can relate having been a similar position myself with a work colleague last week. Except instead of 'top corner' it was 'on the floor' and instead of free-kicks it was 'an aggressive handjob'. Sometimes it's just good to get things finished yourself I guess.