Monday, 18 June 2018

Mats Hummels lays into his teammates

Mexico managed to beat Germany on Sunday by using ancient tactics passed down by generation to generation, using a kind of football magic that works when an opposition team plays one centre-back.

Mats Hummels was particularly unimpressed with his team's efforts and laid into them after the game.
“Mexico deserved the win - our cover was often not good and we were left many times with Jerome [Boateng] and myself at the back. 
“If seven of eight players are attacking then it’s clear our attacking power is greater. But that’s something that I have often talked about internally. It doesn’t always bear fruit. 
“A wake-up call is too late. We now must win two games, otherwise that is that with the World Cup. I don’t really understand why we played like we played because, really, we already had our wake-up call.”
Jonathan Pearce, Captain Robot Wars, had already identified the problem on co-commentary and called Germany out for not taking Leroy Sane to the tournament for a few reasons. First of all, Pearce knows who that is, he plays in England and also Pearce knows who that is. The fucking idiots.

I analysed the game with this in mind and did actually discover something pretty incredible about the game and Pearce's sharp eye has been proven accurate.

Clear evidence there that if Germany had been playing Chaos 2 at CB, Hummels attempt to win the ball at halfway would've been fine. Chaos 2 would have flipped the striker out the stadium and cleared the lines. I know I'm good but I can't be here every single time to fix these problems.