Thursday, 7 June 2018

Armed robbers steal $360,000 of World Cup stickers from Panini factory

In terrifying scenes, armed gunmen have robbed a printing house in Argentina of hundreds of thousands of Panini World Cup stickers, making away with something like $360,000 of the things, which is just slightly less than I think I spent trying to complete the Euro 2016 book.

Here's a small handful of the things that I have lying around in a desk. This isn't even the full number of the spares I have for a book I will never finish. All that money, all that time, all that effort... and yet what I have is a a worthless bunch of pages, some completed, most annoyingly empty. I can't throw it out but I have no need for it at all, it is in fact, a depressing metaphor for your life. You and all your friends. Ants, just numbers. You walk the corridors of the underground to get to the north bound platform, a sudden flood of water fills the hallway and you drown along with the other hundreds, sent floating onto a train track that won't take you anywhere, remembered in passing with a brief 'leaving over 400 dead' line from Huw Edwards on the news. And then he goes 'and finally, armed robbers have stolen over $360,000 of stickers from a Panini factory in Argentina, with the mastermind behind the crime admitting afterwards that even though he now has 20,000 Andre Silvas, he's still missing the Senegal reserve left-back'