Wednesday, 11 October 2017


Hello friends! For well over a year I have been making a full 23 minute long cartoon with James McNicholas, who you might know as Gunnerblog, and by christ we hope you like it. Here's the trailer:

Released on this YouTube channel on November 13th, I Want To Work In A Shop is an animated show about four people who work in a shop in a tiny little Brexit village, where the things that never really affect people in real life actually do. In the first episode, Ed, the Shopkeeper, Sarah and George Francis must deal with terror, when it comes to town.

It's taken aaaaaaaaages. We spent forever in cafes and living rooms working out characters and plots and settings, got our script and I've been stuck drawing (with a little help), animating, doing voices, editing, re-drawing, re-editing, re-writing, re-voicing and exporting and now we finally have an actual proper UK made cartoon. We are very proud of it and want you to get involved. If it does well we'll maybe do a kickstarter to help fund making a whole series, the outline of which we already have. Get in touch! You can follow all our progress on Facebook:

And details of a premiere in London (we worked hard and want to get pissed now) will be along soon. Subscribe, stay tuned, be nice to people.

Love from JJ and James x