Friday, 24 June 2016

Roy Hodgson reacts to Brexit: the cartoon

I cannot believe England voted themselves out of Europe, the United Kingdom and common sense but they did. Very successfully. Well done, everyone. Bravo. Here's Roy learning about Brexit.

I have no idea whether Daniel Sturridge is genuinely sad about Brexit, like most people under the age of 50, but without wanting to go into how hilariously ludicrous is that this referendum happened and then went in favour of Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson is beyond me. I'm no Tory basher, nor do I think everyone who voted leave is racist, but I do think they are all cunts.

Anyway enjoy my cartoon. If you weren't born in the UK perhaps it'll give you a laugh as you're being deported.

Here's a picture to go with it to help the Google spiders. I always wonder what the Google spiders look like and if they'd be friendly. Normally I don't like spiders but I get the feeling the Google ones would be alright. Plus, they already know what porn I like and how many things I have in my Amazon basket so we'd have some good chat.

Here's a Facebook embed for you. Pretty cool how all these things work really.