Monday, 2 May 2016

Leicester haven't won the league yet

Leicester City fans and players are getting ready for the most underwhelming end to their incredible league season as they watch Spurs draw with Chelsea tonight to win the most amazing sporting title of all time on a Monday night while not actually playing.

All this time we've been waiting for Leicester to do it but you just know Spurs are going to do a Spurs and draw tonight. And if they win, I was never here. It'll be the worst anticlimax since that time I walked into my Uncle's room without knocking first.

...But seriously it'll be a real let down. Like finding out you've won £40k on the lottery but you still have to live in Birmingham.

One player who won't be able to make a difference tonight is Dele Alli who is banned for punching someone in the stomach very hard. What a nice young man, get him on the plane roy. Rat-faced Japanese hater, Jamie Vardy, will also miss out because he is suspended. Also, because he plays for Leicester.