Thursday, 5 May 2016

Fellaini and Huth are totally banned

Marouane Fellaini and Robert Huth have been banned for three games each for murdering an entire village of children in order to become stronger with the dark side. Also, hair pulling.

Both Huth and Fellaini will miss the end of the season because Huth pulled Fellaini's hair, and Fellaini elbowed him in the head as a response.

To me the suspension seems harsh as the eye for an eye punishment dished out by both is more than adequate. It reminds me of draconian treatment I received that time that a man fondled my balls as part of what he said was a routine inspection, after asking me to remove my trousers and pants in response to a personal question I asked him, during an appointment I had booked. I had to kick him in the face as retaliation and then escape out of the window.

Sadly, I am no longer welcome in the Clydesdale Bank