Monday, 2 May 2016

Arsenal fans are the worst

Arsene Wenger was just doing the same job he's been doing successfully for 20 years when a bunch of YouTube arseholes started some campaign to get him fired because they need the attention and waaaaah they want a league title #wengerout

Look at them. There were about 1% of people in the Emirates who joined in the 'Time For Change' social media witch hunt which the fans have started. Sure, Arsenal might have done better this year and yeh, it probably is annoying that you can't just buy Ronaldo like you can on Fifa Ultimate Team, but campaigning to get one of the greatest managers in the game's history makes me angrier than when I get killed on Star Wars because of Lag or some teenager.

These boys need shooting. I played 7 a side with one of these Arsenal Fan celebrities once. He scored a goal from the equivalent of 20 yards out on the volley, then celebrated by raising his hands in the air and then doing the "shush" thing. At 7 a sides. There was no one watching.

There are few times in my life where i've actively wanted a terrorist attack to happen. Just stood there trying to summon the Islamic State like it's the special move button on Golden Axe.