Saturday, 23 April 2016

Randy Lerner is sorry for ruining everything

Aston Villa chairman, or owner, or whatever he is, randy Randy Lerner, has apologised with a nice little letter to supporters of the club for ruining fucking everything.

Randy Lerner 'business person'

The American, described by Wikidia as a business person, in the same way that a car is a driving thing, is very disappointed that he isn't rolling in mad coin yo after hiring people like 'Tim Sherwood' and 'that guy Arsene Wenger knows' to try and make the club that nobody actually supports avoid relegation.

It's like hiring the Chuckle Brothers to investigate the Oscar Pistorius case and being disappointed when instead of gathering evidence, it's hilarious.

Message from the Owner.22nd Apr 2016
A nagging sense of inevitability set in against Leicester City despite the late lead we enjoyed. Can't say why although I doubt I'm alone...
How many seasons after all can one hold on and hope to slide through? That is not Aston Villa. That kind of desperate existence is totally unacceptable, unbearable and totally incompatible with Villa's glorious past. That is not what, or why, I looked to get involved back then and it is why I've looked for some time to make a change. I can say certainly in good faith that I have tried to sell since my May 2014 announcement and put our beloved club in better suited hands - but that hasn't happened.
I write to Villa supporters to make clear that this relegation lies at my feet and no one else's. And because I believe in Aston Villa and know it will come back stronger and more able, with love and care for the community it serves, with the edge and attitude it must have to represent our history and tradition. Memories of Acorns on the shirt, and Ashley Young scoring a late winner against Everton still romantically nourish me. I know Villa will return better, stronger.
I will continue to try to put the club into worthy hands as I have, and also do my best to position Villa for the quickest possible return to its rightful place among England's elite.
R Lerner
I quite like the tone the letter but can understand why Aston Villa fans might be angry. It's because they live in Birmingham.