Saturday, 23 April 2016

Kevin Nolan mysteriously injured after being demoted as manager

Kevin Nolan is said to be devastated that he has coincidentally picked up an ankle injury after being demoted to player from player manager, by evil emperor Francesco Becchetti, who is a person and not a biscuit.

Since being fired from the position of manager in order to "focus on playing", Kevin Nolan has unfortunately suffered the injury and had to miss all of Leyton Orient's recent fixtures, including the recent 3-2 win over Dagenham, which I actually went to.

Nolan said:
It's just the weirdest thing. One minute I was fine and then almost as soon as I was humiliated and made mr player instead of mr manager, suddenly my ankle fell off. It was bloody mental.

In that game against Dagenham I missed the first goal because I was having a pint and then the second because i left the stand early to get another pint. Clearly, the problem here is that Leyton Orient need allow me to drink pints in the stands.