Sunday, 3 April 2016

Gabriel Agbonlahor likes to shisha

Gabriel Agbonlahor has been suspended by Aston Villa for smoking a shisha pipe or something else equally lame.

Aberdeen legend Eric Black has taken charge of Aston Villa and made the decision as Agbonlahor was caught smoking the shisha, presumably surrounded by teenagers wearing jumpers with a skull on them in their dad's garden shed. Eric Black has the easiest job in the world right now, absolutely nobody expects him to pull off any miracles with Aston Villa - they are easily the worst Premier League team I've seen. 

None of them give a shit, all of them are below average and basically if it weren't against the rules, I'd honestly not be surprised if they just gave up and started getting ready for next season now anyway. A bit like a Fifa online rage quit except instead of punching their cupboard and then going outside to cool down, they have to keep being Aston Villa forever.