Tuesday, 9 February 2016

Michael Owen is annoyed about stuff again

Champion of commentary, and our hearts, Michael Owen has gone tits over suggestions that he might not be the best person ever at detailing the goings on of live football matches.

The ex-England and Liverpool striker took to Twitter to hit back at all da haterz after they spotted some more excellent observations during the Man City vs Leicester game which Claudio Ranieri's team won 3-1.

Owen slammed the Daily Star for quoting his commentary, using inverted commas to imply that the "quotes" were false. To be fair, this isn't exactly far fetched for the Daily Star which I'm pretty sure is a law suit away from being required to be sold in the fiction section of WH Smith or wherever it is poor people buy newspapers from:
"Good old Daily Star. Probably sell around 33 copies a day compared to my 3.3m followers. #Desperate 
"In this day and age it's amazing how people can print such 'quotes' and get away with it. No wonder nobody buys such drivel nowadays."
 The thing is... I mean it is basically bullying when everyone climbs on top of Owen for being bad at commentary. It genuinely isn't the easiest thing doing co-commentary, especially when you're nervous, know that anything you say which is even slightly below insightful will be all over Twitter in seconds. Plus, if have the charisma of a potato it's going to be difficult to get going anyway.

While Owen did correctly point out that Leicester would win the match if the score remained at 1-0, during one of his "co-commentary" moments, some chap who lives somewhere I can't remember has been offered a real life Deal or No Deal offer by a betting company who are scared he might do them for £25k.

There are lots of betting places to choose from like betbind and others but this particular one I'm referring to has offered some guy £3k to buy his bet off him. He put a fiver on Leicester to win the league at 5000 to 1. I've been thinking about this for a full 24 hours and still don't know what I'd do. Noel Edmonds was in my office the other day actually. He doesn't look like a real person. Anyway, see you later.