Friday, 26 February 2016

Louis Van Gaal might know what he's doing

Louis Van Gaal managed to get a team full of average youth academy players to overturn a first leg deficit to the champions of Denmark, is still in the FA Cup and can probably finish fourth. FIRE HIM!

Manchester United fans, subjected to football that they haven't enjoyed, can't quite convince their brains that Sir Alex Ferguson, one of the greatest managers of all time, David Gill, an incredibly talented director of football, Ryan Giggs, one of the UK's all time great players and Paul Scholes, the ginger Xavi, all retiring at the same time might have had quite an adverse effect on how good Man Utd are and want to have LVG thrown into the Sarlak pit from Star Wars, or trampled to death or beaten to death with a hammer, or fired.

David Moyes made a fair old mess of things too but what are you supposed to do when Ed Woodward buys you Juan Mata for no particular reason and purchases Marouane Fellaini after his cheap buy it now clause has expired? You get fired, that's what!

Now that United are set to win the Uefa Cup, or at least they might if they beat Liverpool, fans who have said that Van Gaal is not very good and that Captain 3 Seasons Mourinho should be brought in probably feel a bit silly. Or they will until the see saw falls back to earth and they return trying to get a much revered European manager fired from his job.

You can watch the live scores during Man United's game against Liverpool in the Uefa Cup if you have a TV and want to. Or you can even watch it on the internet, like anyone who isn't an internet spastic. Search: Man Utd vs Liverpool stream, find one, don't install anything = success.

Why are BT Sport paying 20 billion for Chumps League when they could just Periscope it. Rio Ferdinand's punditry? Robot Wars? Is that what I'm paying for? Well I'm not, my Dad is but you know what I mean.

Anyway I'm going out. Have fun xxxx