Thursday, 4 February 2016

Gary Neville is not having fun in Spain

Gary Neville is really good at explaining what teams are doing wrong when he's on TV but after a 7-0 pumping to Barcelona, it seems like real life management is a bit more difficult than on a giant iPad.

Neville was asked three times after the defeat whether he would resign. The questions from the journalists were really good - the first two times he said "no" but on the third he said "actually yes, you have got me there, I am going to resign".

It wouldn't be a surprise if people who bet that Neville would leave his post before the end of season will receive some pennies from cash out sites soon, seeing as the pressure must be unbelievable. Not only do none of his players give a shit but they are also mostly awful and Neville doesn't speak Spanish so can't communicate with them. On that note, I love the idea that Chelsea want to hire Diego Simeone to inspire the players.

"Here you go Diego, anything you need let us know."
"Haha good one Diego."
[Diego Simeone stands alone in a room and waits for someone to come and get him]

So anyway, Neville is having a bad time and probably regrets that there's no Force Quit mode in real life. I've been playing Football Manager and just reloading when I lose because then it's not so annoying. I got so annoyed with it yesterday that I punched my printer and smashed a hole in it. I've only used it once. I don't really know how to end this. See you later.