Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Van Gaal doesn't care if you don't like his team

Louis Van Gaal has told the world that of course he can hear when fans boo his team, that he isn't deaf and that Man United fans should stop being such whiny little bitches when their team is winning games.

Fans booed when Martial was taken off for Fellaini as United were drawing 0-0 with CSKA Moscow - a team who had lined up with 10 defenders and 8 goalkeepers on the pitch at the same time.
"I'm not deaf. That's the opinion of the fans but afterwards they shall not be disappointed"
Does nobody remember how utterly shite and boring United used to be in the Champions League?! They played a 451 the entire time and won it twice in like 20 years. It was boring. Fuck me - try watching ANY Scottish football over the last 30 years. Not losing by more than 7 goals to Celtic was a genuine accomplishment for Aberdeen for the majority of the late 90s.