Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Steven Gerrard wants to prove how bad he is by going back to Liverpool

Steven Gerrard has plans to return to Liverpool now that the MLS season is over and he realises just how bad it is. He's been on the phone to Jurgen Klopp who might even offer him a playing contract!

Nobody outside of Liverpool and London, which is where all Liverpool supporters seem to be from, actually cares about Steven Gerrard coming back to the Premier League because he's really old and has been shit for about two full seasons. That's what age does, just because he won a Champions League it doesn't mean he's immortal. Also, The Beatles left Liverpool OK? They moved to London. There are better places than Liverpool.

Anyway, Klopp believes Gerrard can really set standards for the club as a role model and idol. The news couldn't come at a better time, with Phil Collins also announcing his comeback and the internet giving us the ability to buy a plethora of lovely football shirts at

Steven gerrard in a 2005 champions league football shirt
With Gerrard behind the scenes, an Anfield, it is hoped an entire generation will be far better equipped to fight any DJs who refuse to play Collins' new material in nightclubs.