Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Steven Gerrard might retire in 2016

Steven Gerrard has left LA Galaxy fans devastated by hinting that he may retire in 2016 which is interesting because I've just realised it's actually only two months away.

As we all know, Steven Gerrard is 5th in line to be King of England after winning the World Cup of Champions in 2005 somewhere in Turkey. Most Liverpool fans have already forgotten that night, when Liverpool beat AC Milan 9-0 or whatever it was. Now, living it up in sunny Los Angeles, Gerrard has had enough:
"Going on the road, playing on [artificial] turf, playing at altitude, playing in humidity, those are the hurdles that I've had to face over the last three months that I wasn't aware of. Every away game has a different challenge."
Those hurdles sound tough but not as tough as actual hurdles, which are a lot higher than you might think. Hurdles I have had to face recently include summoning the effort to post something on this website instead of just sitting in silence alone in my room, trying to work out how many weeks I need to wait before I can rewatch the entirety of the US Office and have a lot of it feel newish. The answer is 12 weeks.