Wednesday, 4 November 2015

New Aston Villa manager bans French language

Remi Garde has banned Aston Villa players from speaking French in the dressing room. Probably because he's so racist.

Hired as the new Aston Villa manager for at least the next 15 months until Villa are still 17th and then they hire someone else who isn't very good, Garde has already set out some of his key ideas and visions for the club. These include banning French players from speaking their own language:

"They have to learn English quickly. I don't want anybody speaking French in the dressing room. It is very important we understand each other. It's also important that the English players speak slowly sometimes at the beginning. Everyone has to make an effort."
After explaining his rationale behind the language decisions, Garde added "and if anyone in this room has any idea what language this thing speaks, please report to the science room afterwards" and then pointed at Alan Hutton, sitting drooling in the corner.