Friday, 23 October 2015

Cartoon: Nobody wants to buy Sam Allardyce's book

In this, the latest of my creations for The Telegraph, I do a bad impression of Sam Allardyce and then dress him up as a woman because that gives me an excuse to the posh lady voice I like doing.

I'm not going to describe what happens in the video to you because you're not stupid, are quite capable of watching it yourself and this is not the Daily Mirror. And if it were the Daily Mirror I'd have to spell some of these words incorrectly and make sure my grammar is even worse than Jack's. Remember Jack? He used to do FitbaThatba. Those were the days.

Anyway the Daily Mirror is shit.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Ghost Twat is such a twat

In Episode Two of Ghost Twat, Ghost Twat does some more twattish things.

There are more episodes of Ghost Twat to come because I keep seeing people, including myself, doing things that are twattish.  Enjoy.

Oh and if you get bored of that you can also watch a video where every single AC/DC song ever written is one song.

Monday, 5 October 2015

He's a ghost, he's a twat, he's ghost twat - cartoon

Greetings. I have made a series of videos which will go up on the YouTube channel you love so much every week, so make sure you go and visit that as often as you visit this site. Which according to analytics is not very much anymore because I never write anything. But if you happen to be an advertiser, millions of people read this every single minute. That's definitely true.

Ghost Twat is the first episode. Enjoy him, hate him, do whatever you want. He is the embodiment of everything BoxPark. Shoreditch Box Park. You twats. 

Love you xxx