Friday, 18 September 2015

Cartoon: Arsene Wenger won't buy a striker

If, like me, you cannot stand all of the Arsenal people telling anyone who'll listen that what Arsenal need is a STROIKAH and MIDFIELDAH to fix their team, just because they play FIFA Ultimate Team and think transfers are as important as the actual sport, you might enjoy this cartoon I made.

In the video Arsene Wenger says some stuff and a hip looking Arsenal fan is there and that's pretty much it to be honest. Share it with friends, lick your laptop screen, hump your iPad - do whatever the fuck you like. I honestly don't care. Just send me money or something.

Saturday, 5 September 2015

Cartoon: Why David De Gea's transfer fell through

Ed Woodward's negotiation techniques are revealed in this shocking real life footage of a cartoon parody of what may have happened. In a cartoon.

We all know now that Ed Woodward is a negotiator of the most deranged kind but what we didn't know is that he uses only the telephone and a laptop which looks like a Macbook pro. And yes I have just flipped around the office set that I use all of the time to make it look like I've drawn a new background. Thanks for asking.

Holy hell I haven't updated this site since August. I'm so sorry. Thanks if you've come visiting. One day soon I'll get it back going again :-(