Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Horror on Twitter as Liverpool fans react positively to players' attempts to enjoy themselves

The world is uneasy today after Liverpool fans more or less reacted positively to video footage showing Liverpool players enjoying themselves on a night out even though they didn't win the Champions League this season.

After losing 6-1 to Stoke City - a team managed by Mark Hughes and that has Charlie Adam ... in... it - Liverpool players had the audacity to go on a pre-planned holiday to Dubai.

Almost as though they had forgotten that the entire city of Liverpool would be in mourning for this devastating defeat and even worse - a bit like they didn't even care - squad members including evil Raheem Sterling partied into the night, singing a 2 Unlimited song about a car salesman called Francois.

One Liverpool fan said:
"Fair play to the lads like"
But he hadn't considered the effect that this show of unity and team spirit could have on the club. If we continue to allow football players to act like normal people, how long before they begin visiting the same restaurants as you or I? As we all know, only rich people, celebrities and prostitutes are allowed to visit Dubai - if they start commandeering Costcutters too, welcomed by a sense of togetherness from confused football fans on Twitter, we might have to go to Sainsburys instead. Even though it's a little bit further down the road.