Thursday, 19 March 2015

Incredible! This Teenager Played FIFA 15 Without Filming Himself For YouTube!!!

In amazing scenes, David Stirling, played FIFA 15 on his own in his room without filming a single minute to try and get famous on YouTube.

Even though most teenagers his age spend their time filming YouTube videos of themselves opening player packs in FIFA Ultimate Team before going out to meet hot female fans, in a shock twist David decided he didn't want to do share his private video game life with random internet strangers and children. What happened next will shock you:
I turned on the Playstation and then started playing a few games online but everyone was choosing Real Madrid and I just wanted to try out Everton and Real Sociedad and those kinda teams. Eventually I played four games I think and then had to go to work. I just didn't really think that was worth anyone watching, to be honest
The internet cried out. David's brave move may have cost YouTube a potential 40 minutes of video footage of a teenager angrily shouting at a TV and talking to people who aren't really there. A spokesman said:
We were disappointed with David's decision because up until now there just weren't enough teenagers trying to make a fast buck and be popular by sharing their boring nerd lives with 12 year old kids in America, but we reluctantly accept it.
David now plans to complete his University studies in English Literature and then get a job instead of making millions from playing FIFA. Will the online gaming community ever recover from this? Only time will tell.

And that's something we all want to see.