Sunday, 15 March 2015

EXCITING NEWS: "Drunk In The Broom Cupboard" - A comedy series where I get drunk and abuse a puppet

I haven't written on here for a month?!! Jesus. Anyway, recently I was asked by the lovely people at Videojug to make a bunch of funny videos for them, and so I did.

As of Monday you will be able to watch "Drunk In The Broom Cupboard". I hope you like it because it took bloody ages to write and if you would like to share the videos when they come out either on Videojug's site or on their YouTube the week after (they release one video on their site and the next week put it on youtube cos they have adverts on their site) then I would really love that.

It is thanks to your continued support for the batshit nonsense I keep getting away with that now people want to professionally make videos where I genuinely get pissed and shout "cunt" at a puppet.

So cheers, guys.

I promise I'll do some footballer power rock song videos again soon.