Wednesday, 11 February 2015

WOW!!!! This Man Scored A Goal!!!!11!! YOU WONT BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT..!!!!

Wow this man scored a goal you wont believe what happens next, this man plays for Arsenal

Currently playing for Ligue 1 side someone or other, John Maggio scored this delicious goal. Can you believe it?

Maybe everyone should score goals like this because then the football would be so much better! Am I right? Manchester United haven't been in the news for a while. I wonder where Zlatan is. Probbaly doing something wacky no doubt!

And that's something we all want to see

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Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Incredible! This Liverpool fan disagreed with an opinion about Liverpool... but didn't threaten anyone with violence

In shocking scenes today, Brian McNair, 16, from Liverpool, saw an article written by a newspaper about Liverpool FC and didn't react or even tell anyone what he thought about it. Or even threaten to kick someone's head in.

Despite the article being tweeted by a national newspaper, McNair somehow resisted the urge to reply to it or even inform the writer of how much he wanted to hit him. But what happened next was even more astonishing:
I saw the article on Twitter about Liverpool's chances of winning the league, and I sort of agreed with some of it. I hope we do better from now on though especially now Sturridge is back. I didn't think anyone would care about my opinion though, I'm just one guy after all
Stunned Twitter users couldn't believe it. Gerrardtillidie!1892 said this:
I mean he saw the headline, read the article and disagreed with it but understood the reasoning behind the argument.. and didn't react? It's just... staggering... there is no-one more important on this earth than a 16 year old boy from Liverpool
If this fan was able to read beyond the headline, what could it mean for the future of articles on Liverpool FC? Some began to doubt whether their stock answers of "fuck off", "cunts" and "die" - even the people that can't write or read in English - might no longer be appropriate.

And so now the article floats nomadically on the internet, travelling through the eternal space of twitter powered by the momentum brought only by the turning cogs of the dozens of retweets it received. What will become of it? Could this be the kick start to Liverpool's season they needed? Should Steven Gerrard get a new contract? In a world where Liverpool fans don't react to stories they haven't read, we may never know.