Tuesday, 18 November 2014

VIDEO: Arsenal regret hiring Dapper Laughs as manager in this cartoon

In the latest addition of Fitba Animates, or whatever it is I should call this series of cartoons, that twat Dapper Laughs becomes the Arsenal manager. DOES IT WORK OUT? WHAT HAPPENS OH I DONT KNOW YOU BETTER FIND OUT

Thankfully Dapper has "retired" his "comedy character" now, by doing an Andy Millman and slagging off all the idiots who found his "comedy character" funny. In real life he walks around wearing a top hat searching for crumpets to sell at the market but his comedic genius would have you believe he's a lairy LAD from East London or wherever the hell it is he's from. I look forward to his next intellectually challenging character: man who farts... while reading a novel.