Friday, 28 November 2014

36 Amazing Celebrity Impressions

Sometimes I get bored of football. You may have noticed this but that's why I decided to show the world how incredible I am at doing voice acting.

As you will have noticed there are lots of voices. Voices like:
1 ian mckellan
2. morgan freeman
3. peter griffin
4. al pacino
5. severus snape
6. batman
7. christopher walken
8. clint eastwood
9. john snow
10. the joker
11. david attenborough
12. krusty the clown
13. eddie murphy
14. friend zoned guy
15. john travolta
16. david beckham
17. steve jobs
18. mick jagger
36. patrick stewart

Most people can't even do 5 voices so for 36 it was obviously a pretty tall order! Luckily I pulled it off amazingly.