Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Roy Keane's anger in a cartoon I made

I totally forgot to post this the other day, but you know that whole Roy Keane thing? Do you remember that? He had a beard and everyone was talking about his book?

Made for Project Babb, who as you all know are my wonderful actual employers now, this video depicts Roy Keane in full half Irish/half pirate voice being angry at various things because hahahaha do you get it hahahah hes so angry!

Alex Ferguson is expected to release updated chapters or some nonsense from his autobiography to deal with the "lies" that Keane is on about. I don't care. And also, is there any point in buying these books when every single vaguely interesting story is tweeted before its even been released? No. No there is not.

Speaking of which, here are the secret bits from Alex Ferguson's book that no-one knows about yet:

Part 1

Part 2

Now that Roy Keane's book has been out for about 4 days, nobody gives a shit about it anymore and we must wait for more revelations about cricketers that nobody apart from the cricketers involved cares about. Someone called Gooch is being quoted on some cricket bullying. The only bullying involved in cricket should be the bullying that takes place when someone tells you they want to play cricket. I'd honestly rather my son told me he wanted to join ISIS.

Only joking, I don't have son.