Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Newspapers continue to believe that England games matter

In the land of football media it is important that things happen so that there is something to write about, or even if they don't happen you can make it up. On an unrelated note, Daniel Sturridge will miss England's qualifiers and this is just terrible.

According to the BBC, Brenton Rodgers has said that Daniel Sturridge will be unfit to play for England against I dont know and I think San Marino. Look, he really did:
"He won't be fit to play for England whether he's available for the weekend or not," he said.
See? I told you he said it. Now England must choose from some other strikers to try and qualify for a tournament that the nation demands they win, despite pretending for about a month prior to it that they'll have no chance. Sort of in the same way that people pretend not to like Oasis but as soon as they're pissed at a nightclub and Cigarettes and Alcohol starts playing they forget they'd said that.