Thursday, 30 October 2014

More racism

Celtic player Aleksandar Tonev has been found guilty of doing a racism, OR HAS HE...

Well yes, the SFA think he has and have banned him for seven games. This sounds like a good thing and the right thing to do. If someone is racist, they should be fired out of a cannon into a volcano or punted by an angry mule but until we have the technology, suspensions will have to do. 

Tonev racially abused Aberdeen right back Shay Logan when the two sides faced each other back in September. I can type this because A) why would Logan make this up? and B) he has been found guilty. On his debut no less, Tonev allegedly said something to Shay, Shay then told the referee, his captain Mark Reynolds and his manager straight after the incident. Either he was called something racist, or he's a really weird person who likes making things up and taking time out of a professional game of football to tell fantastical, whimsical tales of racism to anyone that will listen. 

Celtic are standing by their player and will be appealing the decision. I'm not sure what they plan to get out of the appeal. Perhaps they had secret cameras or microphones? If not, it will go something like this.
"are you a racist?"
"did you call him a *MYSTERY RACISM WORDS*"
"yes...I mean no...I mean yes, I did but in Bulgaria that means, 'hey bro, how are you today? Would you like to share a sandwich with me?'

You know how I know he said something racist? He's from Eastern Europe, and if you call me a racist then I'll appeal against you so hard.