Thursday, 30 October 2014

Mark Clattenburg is in trouble because of Ed Sheeran

Premier League referee Mark Clattenburg has sadly been sentenced to death for attending an Ed Sheeran concert. If by sentenced to death you mean banned from refereeing this weekend.

Yes, it turns out that England's referee supreme (Howard Webb is now a full time spider) has been told he is not allowed to officiate a single game this weekend after travelling separately from his refereeing team after the West Brom v Crystal Palace match.

Premier League rules dictate that any official must attend and leave any match with the refereeing team to ensure that no Serie A style antics go down, but Clattenburg drove himself to and from the game in order to see Ed Sheeran play some shit songs about prostitutes he pretends to understand because he once slept in a tent at a festival that his Mum gave him money to go to.

To be fair to Mark Clattenburg, if anything, he should feel lucky for the punishment only being a weekend off refereeing. There are children who would rather return to Fritzl's basement than have to watch an entire Ed Sheeran gig.