Thursday, 16 October 2014

ISIS is bad - a comedy song about ISIS

Here is a hopefully funny song about ISIS that I made. It doesn't have anything to do with football... unless the Islamic State does actually become a country and competes in the World Cup, but whatever.

The words are:
when you left me it was early september
you said you were going to the shops but you actually went to syria
why did you have to lie
now i sit alone and cry
and now i feel so empty inside

when you said
you wanted to behead
all of the non-believers
you meant
of the islamic state
not that we were meant to be together

now i sit alone and procrastinate
While you have helped rapidly established an islamic fundamentalist caliphate
and they’re doing really well
bloody hell
those guys really don’t fuck about

when you said 
you wanted to give me a head
i thought it was sexual mispronunciation
please don’t 
send me the head
of a hostage you’ve murdered for religious reasons

i was 
in love
with an islamic state fundamentalist
its hard to explain
how it feels to find out 
that I have fingered a terrorist

you went mad
when i said that i think isis is bad
but isis is bad
Enjoy. Share. Thanks etc