Thursday, 10 July 2014

Neymar is a little bitch

Neymar is quite good at football and that's why the entire of Brazil seems to think he's some sort of fucking witch or wizard, or whatever it is that does the best thing. Either way he keeps crying all of the time and it's annoying.

According to people on Twitter who are in Brazil, he's on TV right now (11pm at night in UK time) crying about how that Colombian guy nearly put him in a wheelchair. HELLO? It's 2014, being in a wheelchair is totally cool now. How offensive can you even be?

This video should remind you of how grown men are supposed to behave. Neymar, meanwhile, is setting a terrible example to Brazilians everywhere. I never cry because I am all man. I'm so much of a man that penis enlarging companies put my emails in the trash.