Friday, 11 July 2014

Arsenal have a Puma kit

Arsenal have a new kit and a sexy new signing so it's a good job that they had a very elaborate launch party on Thursday evening, projecting a hologram of Arsene Wenger onto the London Eye.

Because just telling people on the internet or a press conference isn't cool enough to be featured in all the football blogs, Arsenal went the extra mile and used science to have various Arsenal players in the new kit appear like spooky ghosts. Above is the ghost of Christmas past, Christmas future and the ghost of Mikel Arteta, who actually played all of last season.

I think that one is Jack Wilshere. For a better look at the kit you can see the actual press promo pictures they released.

You can buy the kit at JD Sports too, so that's good. It's infinitely better than any of the Nike kits anyway. Man United have apparently decided to rebrand themselves as Chevrolet United.

Remember when Puma wasn't one of the cool guys? Me too and so do people who work at Puma which is why they've worked at making cool. And that's how things become cool. Isn't it funny how things become trendy again over time? I remember when glasses and beards were once the uniform of art teachers and childrens TV presenters, but thankfully now they're back in fashion. So as a man unable to grow a Pirlo beard, thanks for ruining my chances on Tinder, you hipster fashion jerks.