Friday, 25 July 2014

Aberdeen fans attacked by idiots

Aberdeen successfully navigated their way to the nineteenth qualification round of the UEFA Cup yesterday by beating FC Groningen 2-1 on Thursday evening. Before the game some lovely hooligans even joined in the party!

It's very sad that there are still many humans too stupid to realise that attacking other people because they support a different football team or have slightly different beliefs in things to them is utterly stupid. Luckily then for evolution that football hooligans exist because it means the rest of us can keep working on how to live on the moon instead, leaving the rest behind to shoot each other to death.

There on the moon we can start a human society. I think I should probably be the leader of it because I'm very friendly and wouldn't let the power go to my head.

These attacks in Groningen yesterday resulted in three Dutch people and one Scottish person being arrested under charges of "being dicks". Later, with the red mist having settled, they all took to their Facebook pages to express their regret. "I'm not normally like that! I don't know what came over me lol" they all say, and their friends describe those actions as very out of character. "Normally when he's not a violent hooligan he's actually quite nice" they say.