Saturday, 7 June 2014

Platini thinks Qatar should be revoted, even though he voted Qatar

That whole World Cup in Qatar thing seems to polarise opinion in a lot of people, specifically everyone in the world who has heard anything about football ever.  Now Platini believes that the vote should be redone because it was so corrupt

Despite effectively bank rolling global football, the Middle East still hasn't had their World Cup reward and it might be an even longer wait (BBC):
Uefa president Michel Platini has called for a re-vote on the staging of the 2022 World Cup if allegations of corruption against Qatar are proven.
The Qatar bid is under investigation after a Sunday Times report alleged football officials accepted bribes.
Shocking stuff.  They won't even get a chance to enjoy the 2014 World Cup fixtures while this is up in the air and I especially like how everyone keeps discussing Qatar as having been corrupt when the actual corruption is all Fifa's fault.  Qatar can't literally force money into their hands; the writing down of a vote is all the doing of a human person.  I think.  I could lie and say I know loads about voting or that I've ever voted but that would be wrong.  To lie to you.

Really it should be Fifa that is blamed for being corrupt but when I think about it they are blamed for being corrupt.  There's not a person alive outside of Fifa who thinks Fifa isn't corrupt, and when you consider that, just how exactly does this work again?  No-one likes them but they have absolute power?  Just like my step-Dad.  YOU CAN'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO ANYMORE!  I'M A GROWN BOY!