Thursday, 1 May 2014

Thursday's European Football Headlines

REAL MADRID - are in the Champions League final after destroying Bayern Munich in Germany.  Pep Guardiola came out after the match to say that he still believes his philosophy is the right one and everyone should believe in him even though all logic and science proves that they probably shouldn't.  So in a way he's a lot like God.

CHELSEA - also lost to a team from Madrid and crashed out of the Champions League 3-1.  Eden Hazard later criticised Jose Mourinho's tactics forgetting that he'd managed to get his team to a Champions League semi-final despite having Fernando Torres on the playing staff.  Torres was asked to attend a press conference to react to that comment but was found unconscious on the floor having hit the door frame while trying to get in.

JUVENTUS - will take on Benfica tonight in a match that everyone except for people from Juventus and Benfica had forgotten about.  The winners get to play in the Europa League final but don't worry about the losers because they're now free to relax and watch something more important, like Blue Planet or that squirrel in their garden.