Thursday, 8 May 2014

Teacher in trouble for stealing Panini World Cup stickers from children

As we all know Colombia is famous for three things: cocaine and Faustino Asprilla.  And cocaine.  Now it is also famous for being the home of a teacher who STEALS WORLD CUP STICKERS!  KABLAHAHAAH

According to The Guardian:
World Cup fever seems to have got the better of a school teacher in Colombia accused of pilfering stickers from pupils to complete his Panini album of the tournament's leading players, local media reported.
El Espectador said a 13-year-old pupil in the central city of Bucaramanga reported the teacher after seeing him in the staff-room pasting in stickers confiscated from students who had been trading them in class.
"It's no way to give an example to young ones, taking their stickers away for your own benefit," the mother of one of the students told local RCN radio.
Coincidentally, Colombia is one of the countries that I've actually finished in my book and I only have about 23 stickers to get to complete it.  So far I've managed to avoid abusing children in my search for the elusive players I require but I swear to christ if I get Hector Moreno anymore times I'm going to stab someone

Those are my doubles.  About 80% of them are Hector Moreno.  WHO IS HECTOR MORENO?!!! ARHARHRAGRGHHGHGHGHGH