Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Spain loves racism, doesn't care: Villareal fined £10k for banana throw

The Spanish FA has decided to really punish Villareal for racism by fining them £10,000 after one of their fans threw a banana at Dani Alves.  That'll teach them!

The Dani Alves incident spawned an anti-racism viral marketing campaign where footballers eat bananas in a light hearted parody of evil racists.  The world took note and condemned the idiot as one, except for these assholes who made monkey gestures at Papakouli Diop:

I wanted Atletico to win the league before I saw that video and while it's unfair to just lump all of their fans in the same racist bucket, if the Spanish FA's idea of eradicating this disease from their stadiums is to ask for some pocket money, then fuck them.