Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Richard Scudamore is allegedly very sexist

Andy Gray and Richard Keys were fired by Sky the other year for being incredibly sexist so it's interesting to hear that Premier League chief Richard Scudamore is also allegedly something of a sleaze bag but is not going to fire himself.  Or have it mentioned anywhere.

The Guardian (who got the story from the Sunday Mirror) wrote:
In exchanges with a lawyer friend who referred to females as "gash", Scudamore jokily warned him to keep a female colleague they nicknamed Edna "off your shaft" and told sexist jokes that mocked "female irrationality". The emails were seen by a former temporary PA who leaked them to the Sunday Mirror.
Ha ha lads banter oi oi!  What a lad!  Women have tits yeh?!  SANDWICHES  At least he's resigned over it - ohhhhhhhhhhh nope he hasn't, and clearly there's some sort of incredible press lockdown on this story because I don't see it on the front page of every tabloid like you'd expect.  The power of modern press is rather scary though tbf.  If they aren't telling everyone who to vote for they're letting us know who our paedophiles are.  In a way, they are the true super heroes of the modern age