Tuesday, 20 May 2014

PSG couldn't give less of a shit about FFP

Do you remember about a week ago or something when PSG and Man City were about to be fined loads of money for breaking that really important financial fair play thing?  Yeh well forget that

In this episode of our famed, yet immediately cancelled comedy show on Copa90, we did a sketch about Monopoly called Socceropoly, where one of the chance cards saw your club bought by an Arabian oil country.  Once this happens you can do whatever you want because.... money!  Nasser al-Kehlaifi, the guy who owns PSG, said (ESPN)
However, after several summers of huge spending at the Parc des Princes, Al-Khelaifi claims the penalties will do nothing to stop him signing the players he wants for the club. 
"The players that I want, I will have,'' he said in comments reported by L'Equipe. 
"This changes nothing of the project, the motivation of the club and the players. We respect and accept this decision. But nothing and no one will stop us, we always dream bigger.
"We had a plan over five years when we bought the club and that will not change. We have already invested a lot in the last three years and we will continue.'' 
Who could have known that punishing someone with unlimited money by asking them for some of it wouldn't work?  How could we have foreseen this?!  I went to France to try to get in touch with someone from PSG but upon arriving at the stadium their robot butler stalled me by feeding me golden caviar and forcing me to have sex with a succession of expensive Swedish prostitutes.  My only weakness!  Those bastards