Friday, 30 May 2014

One Direction man wants to buy Doncaster Rovers

One of the members of that band who is addicted to drugs is seriously considering buying Doncaster Rovers because he likes them and is rich.

This punk is called Louis Tomlinson and he sings in One Direction.  Don't try and pretend you don't know who they are.  The Daily Mail says:
One Direction's Louis Tomlinson is believed to be on the verge of buying his beloved Doncaster Rovers. 
Just days after shocking video footage of the 22-year-old apparently smoking cannabis in Peru emerged, it has been revealed that the singer plans to buy the League One side.   
But, lifelong Rovers fan Tomlinson - who even made an appearance for the club's reserves team earlier this year - is said to be concerned the recent controversy could jeopardise his chances.
I was as shocked as the next man when the news broke that two of One Direction do drugs.  "Boys in a band in their mid-20s DOING DRUGS?!" I yelled, in the middle of the street and I fell to my knees and sobbed.  And then like in that Radiohead video for Just lots of other people kept walking up to me and when I told them why I was naked and humping a statue of Robert the Bruce at 2pm on a Thursday they couldn't believe it either and all did the same thing.  Well at least I think they did, Tennants super is quite strong and I had lost my contact lenses.  I seem to remember that the police didn't seem to care as much about the news as I did