Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Liverpool accidentally lose the league, Suarez cries

As much as I kinda wanted to see Liverpool win the league this year, I found it infinitely funnier to watch them lose a three goal lead to a team whose name sounds like what I assume Richard O'Brien calls his house.

Despite destroying Crystal Palace in a brutal ten minute second half period, Liverpool managed to utterly capitulate with only 15 minutes left in one of the best real life examples of why I hate Football Manager, ever.  If this happened to me on that game my laptop would not only have been hurled out the window, but anything alive I could see would have been punched to death.  Brenton Rodgers did his best to shift the weight of pressure on Man City after the game:
"There is no doubt Manchester City will go on and win it.
"We needed to win to keep the pressure on going into the last game and we did not do that." 
And then he was all sad and miserable about it.  Luckily for him Sky Sports immediately showed some goals of the season and then a TV show where some footballers we'd all forgotten about talked about how they sort of quite like boxing.  In one bit of the show Joe Cole informed us all of what he sometimes watches when he's at home.  It was very fascinating.

In terms of iconic Premier League moments, should City go on to win the league now, as looks likely, Luis Suarez doing his impression of a spooky ghost will live on as one forever and ever.  The only thing worse for Suarez than the realisation that all of that effort - all of that sheer brilliance - in the best season he will ever play, in which he carried a team full of people like Kolo Toure and Aly Cissokho to almost win the Premier League, fell apart against Crystal Palace in 15 minutes, was when he looked up at the final whistle and remembered that he has to play in a team full of people like Kolo Toure and Aly Cissokho.

Suarez was so upset that he couldn't even finish off Gerrard on the pitch.

Suarez cried, Gerrard looked fairly miserable, schadenfreude threatened to destroy Twitter to the point where I wouldn't be surprised if some of their servers literally exploded.  All in all it was a bad day for Liverpool fans.  Except that even if they had won, and City win their next game, which they probably will, Liverpool would still have needed the citizens to lose or draw a game anyway because of goal difference.  So in actual fact it hasn't really changed much since if City win both their games they would have won anyway.

SOCCER!  Bloody hell.