Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Leicester owner wants to buy success

Leicester City were promoted to the Premier League recently but the fun doesn't stop there for the fans!  Now the owner wants to spend £180million to get them in the top five.

According to the BBC:
"It will take a huge amount of money, possibly 10bn Thai Baht (£180m), to get there. That doesn't put us off."
Srivaddhanaprabha added: "I am asking for three years, and we'll be there.
"We won't take the huge leap to challenge the league's top five clubs immediately.
"Do we have a chance to beat them? Yes, we have, but I think we need to establish our foothold in the league first and then we think about our next step.
I think it's a greeeeeeeat idea because most other clubs haven't had the same thought yet! And when I say that, I mean except for all of them, because that is the only plan that all of them have.  The plan for all of the clubs is the exact same: buy expensive players, pay them, be jerks.  The Premier League is basically a nightclub where all the guys have that same shoreditch haircut but different colours of incredibly overpriced tshirt.  Meanwhile I sit in the corner on my own reading my book, because goddammit there must be one hot girl on a night out that finds that sexy