Monday, 5 May 2014

Kenny Miller is probably going to Rangers

Kenny Miller has left Vancouver Whitecaps and is looking for a new club but has denied that he has a two year deal to join Rangers 2, even though he definitely does.

Yes it looks very much like good old Kenny is set to join Rangers even though they have less money than most tramps.  The BBC says:
Rangers are preparing for next season's Championship campaign under a financial cloud following a financial review by chief executive Graham Wallace, who has promised budget cuts.
McCoist, though, has not hidden his desire to re-sign Miller, who has trained at Murray Park on several occasions during breaks from Canada.
McCoist is basically that kid who bullies his Mum into buying him all the best things.  It doesn't matter that they have minus £70million and can only accept cash for season tickets, he "REALLY needs" that genuine power rangers toy while the rest of the children have to make do with 'super space patrol' figurines, or in my case 'hiding from uncle dave'.  I swear, there's only so much fingering you can put up with in one summer