Friday, 30 May 2014

Joey Barton goes on Question Time

Joey Barton started reading books about five years ago in a bid to stop himself from punching people half to death outside McDonalds and this is why he was invited on to Question Time last night.

The outspoken Twitter philosopher was actually quite good on the show apart from the bit where he went (in reply to some UKIP woman):
‘You won the election? You won seats in the European Parliament that nobody really cares about'.
‘All you represent to me as Ukip is the best of a bad bunch. If I’m somewhere and there are four really ugly girls and I’m thinking she is not the worst, that is all you represent to us.’
Which is the equivalent to the Daily Mail of feeding your mogwai after midnight.  OH THE OUTRAGE!  I'm not sure this is the worst thing that anyone's ever said on Question Time but then again I only watch it to make myself feel better about having spent the previous few hours refreshing facebook.  Afterwards I get to watch redtube as a treat!  Ahhh Mia Malkova.  One day.