Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Javier Zanetti is immortal, retired

Everyone's favourite right back (Cafu) retired quite a long time ago but now I can bring you news you already knew by informing you that Javier Zanetti is dead.  Or retired.  Choose one.  CHOOSE IT WISELY!

The Guardian wrote:
In two decades with Inter, Zanetti has collected five league titles, four Coppa Italias, and four preseason SuperCups. He has won the Champions League, Uefa Cup and the Club World Cup. Although he has not won any major trophies with Argentina in that spell, he did amass nearly 150 caps. That number could have been even higher, were it not for Diego Maradona's surprising decision to exclude the player from his World Cup plans in 2010.
So he was pretty good I guess.  The former Inter Milan star said that the best player he ever played against was Ryan Giggs but refused to reveal how he managed to look the exact same age for 30 years.  He also didn't say that the answer wasn't sandwiches so I intend to eat all of the sandwiches.  IN THE WORLD MW AH A HH AH AH AA