Thursday, 1 May 2014

Hot Paraguayan WAG hates racism, loves bananas

You may remember Larissa Riquelme as that hot girl who promised to show us her titties if Paraguay won the Copa America or possibly because her last name is Riquelme and everyone likes Riqueleme. Either way, boobs.

This is a continuation of that anti-racism trend Dani Alves started, which is rumoured to have been sort of pre-planned with a marketing company.  Regardless of whether it was planned or not, the important thing is that someone in 2014 threw a banana at a black person.  How much of a cunt do you have to be to not only think other races are bad, but to also purposefully take a banana with you to a high profile football game to throw at one?  A large one, is the answer.

And on the subject of controversial political and social ideologies, I feel like I need to apologise to everyone for having so much sexism on FitbaThatba. In my defence, I only do it because I am incredibly sexist and besides which, it's not as if any woman are going to complain about it anyway since none of them can use computers