Monday, 26 May 2014

Hibs get relegated, Scottish football is strange

Oh my christ, it finally happened.  Hibs, Hearts and Rangers are all in the same league again BUT IT'S NOT THE PREMIERSHIP!

Despite holding a 2-0 lead from the first leg, Hibs managed to relegate themselves to by conceding two to Hamilton, and then missing two penalties, despite being at home and only having to not lost two nil to stay in the Premiership.

Hearts were relegated because the guy that owns them lost all his money when the bank he owns when bust due to the global recession that looks like it's going to start world war 3 and because they were given a massive points deduction, Rangers 2: Return of the Rangers are in the Championship because they cheated, lost all their money and had a massive points deduction and a several league lower demotion and are run by gangsters, and Hibs were relegated because they were goddamn awful.

Poor, poor Terry Butcher.  All he did was abandon an Inverness Caley Thistle side sitting in 2nd and pushing for domestic cups to move to Edinburgh - what has he done to deserve this?  The one positive to come out of this for the Hibs players is that it's still illegal to punch people to death, even in Edinburgh, but at this point I'm not sure even that will keep them safe from Butcher.

After the game he said:
"I remain determined to work to rebuild a team to get this club to where it belongs at the top of Scottish football."
And that should be pretty easy now three of the teams with the highest attendances in Scotland are fighting for two places, and Rangers will buy their way out of it.  Hibs fans were so incensed that they staged a protest.  I'm not exactly what sure they were protesting about but I suspect this is it:
What do we want?  To not be relegated!  When do we want it?  Now?  Wait... it's too late now.  Next year?  Let's try again.  What do we want?  To be promoted!  When do we want it?  Next season!  This is pointless lads
Hopefully the Hibs board will listen to their pleas because before the protest they were planning to get relegated again next year and the year after!  Phew!  Good job guys!